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Life Coach Toni Phillips

Why You're Here

If you’re in the right space at the right time, you are here because you are ready for the next chapter of your life where you are healed from your past trauma and aligned with your soul purpose.

You know in your heart and soul that you have a purpose in this life and you know that the life you’re living right now isn’t quite it. You are trying to do your best, but you’re feeling lost, stuck and you’re ready for your BREAKTHROUGH. You are ready to heal and start living your true purpose on the planet.

About Me

The Mission

Welcome to The Healing Experience. My name is Toni Phillips and I am a Spiritual Healer, Visionary, and Channeler of the Divine. It is my mission to guide you into the next chapter of your life. When we work together, you will experience the breakthrough you’ve been praying for. I lovingly and compassionately help you heal through your biggest blocks and deepest trauma-created subconscious beliefs so that you can come into alignment with who you truly are and activate your own soul purpose as a Healer.

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Heal To Your Breakthrough

It's not about trying harder or "doing" more...

I see so many beautiful souls stuck in the trap of "doing more" or "trying harder" to achieve the results and lives they desire. This tends to lead most healers into burnout and a feeling of defeat or hopelessness because no matter what they do or how hard they try, they find themselves in old loops and repeating patterns.

When we work together, you will realize why you've actually been "stuck" and you will heal to finally breakthrough the old patterns and self-sabotaging habits. You deserve peace. You deserve a life that FEELS GOOD to you. I am here to guide you this this life through Spiritual Healing and practical tools for transformation.

It's time to live your True Purpose

You Have a Purpose and That is To Heal

I know that YOU KNOW in your heart that you are here for more than you’re currently experiencing. You are not meant to be living in doubt or survival mode anymore. You do have a purpose for being here and that is why you can’t get rid of the feeling that you NEED to change and you can not stay stagnant any longer. You are being called to HEAL right now and break through the blocks that have been keeping you trapped in lower states of consciousness and in old timelines of reality. You are safe to heal, grow, and evolve into your truest most authentic self in front of me.



“What I feel is different about working with Toni is Toni’s dedication and presence to her clients. For me, feeling safe, seen, and heard was exactly what I needed to get to the deeper root of my issues coming up.”

Emily J.

“What I learned in the 8 weeks has unlocked a whole new part of thinking & believing in myself. I know that if I didn't work with Toni I would still be stuck. When this opportunity dropped in my lap I knew deep down that this was about to change my life!”

Madilyn G.

“I feel more connected to myself and my inner child than I have in a long time.”

Reagan S.

“My patience is coming back stronger. My relationship with my partner is stronger. I'm happier! I'm able to speak kindly to myself in the mirror. I find meditating more calm because my mind isn't racing during that time. I'm able to sit back & not let the mess overstimulate my brain which takes me out of being present. I'm starting to figure out boundaries & not allowing my cup to empty so much that it's very hard to fill back up again. I'm finding balance!”

Madilyn G.

“Before the call I was a wreck and felt like I was drowning. After the call, I feel relieved and happy and able to breathe. I feel able to move on and not feel guilty."

Heather N.

“Before our session I was feeling anxious and uncertain. Now I feel validated that I am on the right path.”

Sydney T.

“You will not regret it! Toni is amazing, it's like talking to your best friend and you get so many tools to help.”

Heather N.

“Before our session I felt heartbroken, lost with no guidance, scared, and truly lost. After our session I felt hopeful, relieved, ready to heal, and less overwhelmed. To anyone considering booking a session, I’d say DO IT!! You are worthy of freedom, forgiveness for yourself, choose you!!”

Kat C.

Free 30 Minute Connection Call

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