Meet Your Soul Sister Healing Guides

Spiritual Healer & Light Language Artist

Toni Godana

Hello, beautiful soul! While our souls have known each other for lifetimes, it's wonderful to meet here in this one!

Fun Facts About Me!

Healing Modalities: Light Language, Inner Child Communicator, Highest Timeline Visionary 

Astrology signs: Sun: Aries, Moon: Sagittarius, Rising: Cancer

Human Design: 1/3 Manifesting Generator

Quantum Energy Healer

Brooke Danielle

Thank you for being here during this time. You are loved and honored for the work you are doing here during our ascension. 

Fun Facts About Me:

Healing Modalities: Quantum Energy (Reiki) Healing, Emotional Release Specialist, Inner Child Healer 

Astrology signs: Sun: Sagittarius, Moon: Leo, Rising: Taurus

Human Design: Manifesting Generator

The Healing Experience