Meet Toni Phillips

Healing Coach

Toni Phillips

Hello beautiful soul,

I am so honored to be connected with you. My name is Toni. I am 30 years old and live in Wisconsin with my fiance, our Angel of a dog, Konjo, and our “not so Angel” kitty, Winston. My favorite place to be is out in nature or with the people who I love most. 

I love to sing and dance around my house (or in my Jeep) like nobody's watching! I am an old soul with a huge heart and even bigger mission! It is my purpose and passion to help souls heal and evolve and align with your highest timeline of reality. You will know in your heart and soul if you’re meant to work alongside me as you read through the following paragraphs.

I have 100% faith and trust that I am here to guide you because I have been where you are. I was in the position where I had a huge heart, wanted to help people, and wanted to live a life where I made enough money to LIVE my life with freedom but without selling my soul. I was desperately searching for my PURPOSE in this life and I wasn’t stopping until I did. I started my adult life like many others, chasing “The American Dream.” I went to college for 6 years, graduated with my bachelors, got hired as an X-ray tech, and found myself completely miserable. My misery led me into trying to find my purpose in life through other means such as network marketing opportunities and working online for a multimillionaire Transformational Life Coach.

I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to get to my dream life no matter how many courses I took, no matter how many audibles I listened to about business and self development and healing and manifestation. I would follow other people with the success I THOUGHT (and convinced myself) that I wanted and it always led me back to this feeling of chasing my tail, ending up back to where I started every single time. I thought that there must be something wrong with me. No matter how BADLY I wanted it, no matter how hard I “tried” I just felt burnt out with my head spinning, feeling like a complete failure. And I held this against myself for a very long time. There were many times that I felt totally defeated, but I had it in my heart that I was going to figure this out. I was going to create a life that I loved and that I couldn’t let go in my heart or mind. But it wasn’t an easy journey for me. If only I knew THEN what I know NOW…

Don’t get me wrong, I did grow and evolve along my journey. I could manifest SOME things, but even when I did manifest awesome things like a lot of money and a job that allowed me to travel, I still wasn’t TRULY fulfilled. I wasn’t truly happy or at peace and I was still chasing money looking for my purpose in this world (because I knew in my heart that I had a purpose and I was destined to find it.) It wasn’t until I got so burnt out that I “threw in the towel” (in my online network marketing adventures) and took time to HEAL 1:1 with a healer and that I was revealed my destiny and purpose in this life.

I realized the whole time that my traumas, my trials and triumphs in this life were ALWAYS leading me to exactly where I was supposed to be. Throughout a 5 year journey I healed many aspects of my life such as my codependency, addiction to social media and overworking, anxiety, depression, feelings of not good enough, and healed from my incredibly overpowering negative self-talk and negative self-image that I had created from my traumas. I gave myself time to process and heal from the major trauma of losing my soulmate at 19 years old, and the little traumas before and in between that I hadn’t ever even thought of AS trauma.

Along this crazy beautiful journey, I not only uncovered my purpose as a Collective Healer, but I also realized that I was spiritually gifted THE ENTIRE TIME (as are you if you’re reading this) and I had the ability to co-create this life with my Spirit team from day one, I just wasn’t healed enough to access and use my gifts and I didn’t understand them in the way that I do now. It’s now my mission and my purpose to help guide other souls to their own realizations of the power that you ALREADY have, help you heal so you can actually receive what you’re calling in, and align with your highest timeline and life of true purpose.

I am a psychic-intuitive healer, a visionary, and a Divine mirror for souls that are here to work with me. I create powerful change in others by not only using my gifts and spiritual connection, but also through years of personal healing, NLP training, trauma-informed certifications, Shamanic journeying, nervous system work, and most importantly through the transformation of my very own life.

Listen, I want you to know that you CAN do this on your own. The power IS within you. However, I also know that it is going to take trial and error, confusion, feeling like you’re absolutely crazy, and feeling majorly defeated if you don’t use the help that God, the Divine, our Creator has put right in front of you. You prayed for this. YOU called in this guidance. You are here for a reason and if you’re still reading this, you KNOW that. I invite you to book a Divine Guidance Session if you resonate with my journey and you're freakin READY to evolve and breakthrough your current limitations. Save yourself years, thousands of dollars, and your own misery and let’s connect and shift you into the next level of consciousness and life now!

It is my honor to guide you home to who you truly are.

Sending my love to you,
Xoxo Toni

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