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The Healing Experience podcast is a space where you can come to heal in a way that you may never have heard of or experienced before. This podcast is a combination of healing tools, exercises that you can begin implementing in your own life, and stories of real, raw experiences that will inherently assist you on your own healing journey.

Life Coach Toni Phillips The Healing Experience Podcast


In my own healing experience, the thing that has transformed me the most was meeting people who embodied that which I desired to be and learning from their relatable experiences. I call these souls EXPANDERS and now it is my mission to be an expander for other souls, like you, on your own healing journey.

This podcast is an activation in itself. As you hear my personal stories and the stories of my guests, you will find a piece of yourself in every episode. You will leave every episode with more clarity on what action to take to truly heal. You will leave each episode feeling less alone. You will leave each episode with inspiration, hope, and a sense that the life that you truly desire IS possible and you will have an idea of how to actually get there. That is my intention and my reason for being here on the planet. Please enjoy this living library of transformation, healing, and Spiritual ascension. May you find not only HEALING, but also peace, fulfillment, and purpose as you listen and follow along!

I am sending you so much love! Thank you for being here.

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The Healing Experience