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You've Began to Awaken & It's Time For Your Next Chapter


Heal, Grow, and Evolve with Guidance & Community Support!

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Heal, Grow, & Evolve into Your True Self and Divine Purpose

You've Began to Awaken & It's Time for Your Next Chapter


Heal, Grow, and Evolve with Guidance & Community Support!

This is the Guidance You've been calling in

  • Community and Connection

  • Create the Life You Truly Desire

  • Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

  • Remember Who you Truly Are

  • Activate Your Soul Purpose

  • Community and Connection

  • Create the Life You Truly Desire

  • Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

  • Remember who you truly are

  • Activate Your Soul Purpose

About The Healing Experience Membership

find your purpose and your people!

Are you feeling a calling to join the membership, but not quite sure why you're here? It goes deeper than your mind, your soul is guiding you to your next level. Heal as you open the doors to freedom and purpose. Get to know and love yourself like never before alongside a community of soul family on the same mission!

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    • Heal your mind, body, and soul to start living the life that you truly desire 
    • Experience breakthroughs in your life, purpose, and relationships
    • Find a new sense of inner peace and trust in yourself and God, Source, Creator
    • Feel a sense of “home” and belonging in a way you may have never experienced anywhere else

  • As A Member You Will Receive

    • Access to 30+ Educational Videos on all things Healing, Manifestation, Divinity, Health, and overall Well-being
    • Access to our Community Portal where you can ask anything, share your experience, and stay connected with other healers just like you
    • Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls where Brooke and Toni will guide members through healings and breakthroughs on their healing journey in real time
    • Live (and recorded) Interactive Workshops to take your experience next level in different areas of healing and creation 

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The Healing Experience Membership

Who Is The Healing Experience Membership made for?

The Healing Experience Membership is designed for men and women who have began to experience an awakening, yet are struggling to get to where you actually DESIRE to be in life. You know in your heart and soul that you have a purpose in life and you’re likely searching for it already. You want to heal from your past. You are ready to step into your next chapter in life and start living your true purpose. You are ready to experience peace, trust and healthy relationships with the people and world around you. But no matter what you do, you feel like you’re stuck at this current level of reality. You may be frustrated and feeling defeated as you navigate the healing and manifestation journey alone.

This membership is a safe space and a community of healers on their awakening and self-discovery journey who are ready to get to where they truly desire to be in life. This is a place to call home as you learn to remember who you truly are, learn HOW to heal and regulate your nervous system, embrace and enhance your connection with the Divine, and start living YOUR true soul’s purpose as your most authentic self.

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The Healing Experience Membership

Your Spiritual Healers & Healing Guides

Meet Brooke & Toni

Meet Brooke & Toni

  • Brooke and Toni have both been on their spiritual awakening and healing journeys for the last 6-8 years. Together, they have spent over $50,000 and thousands of hours over the years with the hopes of creating a life of success, freedom, peace and purpose. Toni and Brooke both embarked on their spiritual awakenings and healing processes alone for most of their journeys. 

    They’ve read countless spirituality and self-help books, invested in trainings on everything from money manifestation to Reiki practitioner, trauma-certifications, and transformational life and business programs, each having worked with multiple renowned experts and healers both 1:1 and group formats. Most importantly, they have both lived through their very own healing experiences collecting healing tools, perspective shifts, insight, and wisdom along the way.

    On their individual awakenings, Toni and Brooke discovered their own spiritual gifts and abilities as they healed and began to remember who they TRULY are. While they both came a LONG way on their own, it wasn’t until they came TOGETHER that all of the pieces fell into place and they finally felt the sense of peace, purpose, and fulfillment they had been searching for all along.

    Healing together showed Toni and Brooke the POWER in healing with other healers (aka awakening souls on their healing journey) who are going through similar experiences. For the first time, they felt heard, seen, and supported in a way that allowed them to shift into the next level of reality and they now both find themselves living in the lives they once had on their vision boards.

    While we are ALL ever-evolving and they now have new next-level visions that they are working on creating next, they both live with a sense of KNOWING that wherever God/Source/Creator wants and needs them, they will always be and they can finally say they truly TRUST and KNOW that within the deepest depths of their souls. 

    We look forward to connecting with you inside of the membership and guiding you into the reality you truly desire.


The Healing Experience Membership Toni Phillips

Toni Phillips

The Healing Experience Membership Brooke Danielle

Brooke Danielle

The One Thing We Didn't Have, So We CREATED It

The Healing Experience Membership With Brooke Danielle And Toni Phillips Opened On A Computer

Although Brooke and Toni both worked 1:1 with incredible souls, as well as in larger group containers alongside like-minded people before, the one thing they never had was an affordable, safe, supportive, and timeless space with ALL of the information they needed in one place. 

If they were investing in their healing or success, it was typically hundreds, most of the time thousands of dollars to invest in these programs and courses.

Most programs or 1:1 containers have a time-limit, typically 4,8,12 weeks, 3 or 6 months. The time limit on these programs created a sense of urgency and left them feeling rushed or ultimately “behind” in these programs which didn’t allow them the proper time to truly integrate all of the teachings in the way they now know they needed.

The Healing Experience membership is a monthly membership. You have access to everything you need educationally and support-wise to get to the next level of your reality (assuming you are integral with watching the videos and implementing the suggested journal prompts and exercises). The price of one month in this membership is the same as one trip out to dinner and typically less than one visit to the nail salon. If you aren’t ready to invest $44/month to create a new reality, that tells us that you’re not quite ready for this membership yet and we recommend you begin with free courses or diving in on Youtube or Audible to shift that mindset first. 

You not only have all of the education and tools that you need, but you also have the support and love of an entire community of souls who are ALSO on their healing and awakening journey. No longer feel crazy and alone while none of your friends and family really seem to “get” you. In this membership, you have support, accountability, live monthly coaching calls, and an opportunity to meet some of your very own soul family and potentially life-long friends! 

Watch the videos at YOUR own pace. Do the work at a rate that feels sustainable and realistic for YOU. Have a place where you can go at any time of day to ask questions or share your experiences in a space where you’re not being judged or made to feel insane. 

Your soul came to this planet for a reason. You are here to heal. You are here to remember who YOU truly are and live your life as THAT version of you so you can be in Divine flow and assist in raising the frequency & collective consciousness of this planet! You’ve always felt like you have some purpose for being alive, and this is it! Let’s grab hands and let’s heal, TOGETHER.

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The Healing Experience Membership

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