1:1 Healing Container Testimonials

“What I feel is different about working with Toni is Toni’s dedication and presence to her clients. For me, feeling safe, seen, and heard was exactly what I needed to get to the deeper root of my issues coming up.”

- Emily J.

“I feel more connected to myself and my inner child than I have in a long time.”

- Reagan S.

“My patience is coming back stronger. My relationship with my partner is stronger. I'm happier! I'm able to speak kindly to myself in the mirror. I find meditating more calm because my mind isn't racing during that time. I'm able to sit back & not let the mess overstimulate my brain which takes me out of being present. I'm starting to figure out boundaries & not allowing my cup to empty so much that it's very hard to fill back up again. I'm finding balance!”

- Madilyn G.

“What I learned in the 8 weeks has unlocked a whole new part of thinking & believing in myself. I know that if I didn't work with Toni I would still be stuck. When this opportunity dropped in my lap I knew deep down that this was about to change my life!”

- Madilyn G.

Breakthrough Session Testimonials

“Before the call I was a wreck and felt like I was drowning. After the call, I feel relieved and happy and able to breathe. I feel able to move on and not feel guilty.”

- Heather N.

“You will not regret it! Toni is amazing, it's like talking to your best friend and you get so many tools to help.”

- Heather N.

“Before our session I was feeling anxious and uncertain. Now I feel validated that I am on the right path.”

- Sydney T.

“Before our session I felt heartbroken, lost with no guidance, scared, and truly lost. After our session I felt hopeful, relieved, ready to heal, and less overwhelmed. To anyone considering booking a session, I’d say DO IT!! You are worthy of freedom, forgiveness for yourself, choose you!!”

- Kat C.

The Healing Experience